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Our chiropractors treat a wide range of common conditions, from physical pain caused by posture issues to injuries caused by sporting activities and unforeseen incidents at work or in the home. Our team bring their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that you not only receive the highest quality of care, but also fully understand the impact your injury has on your body, providing education and a holistic approach to treatment.

Neck Pain

In our current daily practices, people can suffer from a variety of neck pain, ranging from mobility restrictions, radiating pain from the neck, movement coordination impairments and headaches. Our chiropractors can assess and treat these conditions with a wide range of modalities to assist supporting a patient-centred return to life.

Back Pain

Back pain is a very common reason people seek out our chiropractors’ care. There are a wide range of symptoms and types of back pain, such as but not limited to sciatica or dull aches due to specific movements. Pain can include shooting, burning or stabbing within the back, and when this occurs, we would recommend seeking out care from our chiropractors.

Shoulder conditions / pain

The shoulder is a complex joint where both the joint or the soft tissues (such as muscles and tendons) can cause several diagnoses. Our chiropractors can work with you to determine the root cause of the pain and develop a specific patient-centred treatment plan to assist in a return to life and activity.

Posture issues

Our chiropractors can assist you in understanding any postural imbalances, concerns or pain associated with your posture. Using a series of tests and techniques to identify the cause of the posture issues, our chiropractors will then provide education and empowerment for you to improve your posture.

Sports injuries

When playing sport, you can face injuries from overuse to collision. Our chiropractors can assist in addressing common conditions and supporting you back to your chosen sport again.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

RSI refers to pain onset by repeating a movement or specific part of your body. There are many injury diagnoses that are due to RSI, such as tennis or golfers’ elbow, which can be addressed and treated by a patient-centred treatment plan prescribed by our chiropractors.

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