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Every day more research is released to showing the importance of combating our inactivity. Long periods of sitting can lead to increased heart disease, obesity, diabetes or cancer. The World Health Organisation has even listed inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor in global mortality.

At Be Active, we love helping people to be more active when they work, without having to think too much about it. Here’s our 8 top tips for getting to 10,000 steps:

1. Get off a stop early to your workplace or park a block away
Not only does this help increase your step rate but also can help you think about and plan your workday prior to getting there.

2. Have standing or walking meetings
Standing in meetings has been shown to increase efficiency and helps get you out of the chair.

3. Track your steps
It’s a lot easier to be active when you can keep track of how much you’re really moving. Getting a Fitbit or utilising the tracker on your phones is a great way to do this. Put one on your wrist and find out how many steps you do in a normal day, then set yourself a goal to improve on that number every day. Tracking your activity can be an excellent way to motivate yourself and keep you reminded of your goals.

4. Walk to a colleague instead of calling or emailing
Pretend it’s the 90s! Pre-email, we used to go and speak to a colleague. Let’s do that again. You get both the social interaction and the increased step count from your little adventure.

5. Stretch at your desk
Take the time to stretch at your work station or better yet, away from it, while going to get a coffee or glass of water. Standing up every 30 minutes to stretch out your chest and extend your spine to reverse the hunched position of sitting will be something your body will enjoy. This will help reduce back and neck pain as well as making you feel more energised.

6. Get moving during your lunch break
Having a break during the day is beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing, and it’s also a good opportunity to ‘Be Active’.

7. Take the stairs instead of the lift
The trick is making it a habit, so you stop thinking about it as a choice you have to make every time. Start by aiming to take the stairs once a day, then work up until it’s automatic.

8. Turn downtime into stepping time
Waiting for the photocopier, or the microwave, or the kettle? Take a little stroll, or even do some small exercises like calf-raises, squats or lunges while you’re waiting.


If you begin to incorporate any of these 8 steps into your day watch your step numbers increase. The more you are able to complete the closer you will get to your step goal.

Be Active Health Solutions are here to help people reach their health and wellbeing goals. If you require any help, please complete an online referral form or email referrals@beactivehs.com.au.

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